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C-terminal Derivatives

Ubiquitin, NEDD8, ISG15, SUMO1, & SUMO2-Rhodamine 110.

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Proteasomes & Substrates

We feature the highest quality 20S proteasomes & substrates.

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TR-FRET Ubiquitin Assays

Conjugation & deconjugation, & purified pre-conjugated substrates.

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EMBO 2019: ParkinTR-FRET Poster

Parkinson’s Disease: Development of a Quantitative and Qualitative Real-Time Homogeneous TR-FRET Assay to Assess Parkin Activity

EMBO 2019: SCFTR-FRET Poster

A Fast and Sensitive Method of Monitoring Ubiquitin Conjugation Mediated by the Cullin4a/Rbx1/DDB1/CRBN E3 Ligase Complex using a Real-Time Homogeneous TR FRET Assay

EMBO 2017: TR-FRETUb E3 Ligase Poster

Development of a Real-Time Homogeneous TR-FRET Ubiquitin Conjugation and Deconjugation Assay Platform

DUB Substrates

Full length polypeptides conjugated to organic dyes or cryptates. We have several varieties.

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Custom Services

Assay development, protein labeling & antibody conjugation, expression, purification.

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TR-FRET Assays

Europium and Terbium cryptate flavors with a versatile arsenal of linker chemistries.

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